Relationships get messy, and sometimes the best way to get over it is to let it all out. Toronto-based R&B singer Blaise Moore knows this feeling all too well. In her debut EP London, she tells a narrative of heartbreak and emotional turmoil and being used by the one you loved most. With painfully honest lyrics like "If it sounds like I'm bitter it's cause I'm bitter, can you blame me?," Blaise croons over roomy atmospheric soul electronic trap infused beats.

"I made this EP because I felt as though I had a lot to say about this one particular relationship I had. I was fucked over, and then I was naive enough to allow it to happen a second time," Blaise Moore explains. "It really fucked me up, to the point where I could only feel emotions through writing songs. Londonis about being brutally honest with how insane I felt. I’m calling him out for all of his bullshit whilst letting the next know what's good." Listen to an exclusive Spotify stream of the EP below.

- Byron Yan



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